GasTec Detector Tube Pump

GasTec Detector Tube Pump


Gastec Gas Sampling Pump Complete Kit with automatic counter.

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پمپ پيستوني نمونه برداري گازها مدل GV100 و GV110
پمپ پيستوني سبک با کاربرد آسان جهت نمونه برداري انواع گازها و بخارات سمي به کمک دتکتور تيوب (لوله شناساگر)
مجهز به تيغه الماسي جهت برش صاف سر دتکتور تيوب
داراي هر دو قابليت مکش کامل (100ml) و مکش نيمه (50ml)
قابليت شمارش تعداد مکش ها بطور اتوماتيک در حين نمونه برداري در مدل GV110
قابليت اتصال به شلنگ رابط جهت اندازه گيري در مکانهاي دور از دسترس مانند چاهکها و مخازن ذخيره (سفارشي)
قابليت اتصال به پروب گرمايي جهت اندازه گيري گازهاي داغ با دماي 60 تا 6000C (سفارشي)
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GasTec Detector Tube Pump

Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps are available with options for every use and budget. You can choose a pump with or without a counter to automatically track strokes for applications requiring multiple pump strokes. You can also choose a pump with or without a one-hand adapter to convert the pump to convenient one-button/one-hand operation for those tough-to-reach-spots.

Gastec pumps are intrinsically safe, pre-calibrated, and include a lifetime warranty. Additionally, the pumps are compatible with all Gastec pump accessories, such as extension hoses, telescoping extension pole, and hot probe.


  • Fewer Pump Strokes provide faster results than leading competitors
  • The only pump compatible with Gastec Detector tubes. Gastec has more SEI certified tubes than any other manufacturer and many tubes for use with this pump provide lower detection limits than competitor tubes.


  • Diamond Tube-Tip Breaker: The built-in top breaker incorporates a diamond edge that cuts the surface of the detector tube. This makes the tip breaking much easier, safer and convenient.
  • Soft-Grip Cylinder: The pump piston has been designed with a smaller diameter so that the handle can be pulled out with less effort. The pump body is covered with a soft elastomer. The pump is made of non-sparking materials of ABS resin.
  • Light-Pull Handle: The full-stroke (100ml) and the half-strokes (50ml) positions are marked exactly by the red line on the pump shaft, and the handle is precisely locked at those positions.
  • Improved Flow Finish Indicator: The attached flow finish indicator tells you automatically when the stroke is complete. When the white disk pops out, the sample is complete.


  • Gastec Gas Sampling Pump with Carrying Case
  • Spare parts kit (1 lubricant and 3 rubber tube holders with filter)
  • Gastec Detector Tube Handbook
  • Accessories Brochure

One-Hand Adapter (Optional):

Gastec’s One-Hand Adapter converts the Gastec Gas Sampling Pump from one-stroke piston action to one-button operation. One-button/one-hand operation makes it perfect for sampling in awkward places, such as a confined space while standing on a ladder.

Small, lightweight, and easy-to-use, the One-Hand Adapter easily attaches to the end of the Gastec pump and doesn’t interfere with normal functionality of the pump. To prepare for the sample, simple insert a detector tube, prime the gas sampling pump using two hands, and lock into place. To take a sample, just push the red button.

Types Available:

  • GV-100-S | Gastec Complete Gas Sampling Pump
  • GV-100-SOHA | Gastec Complete Gas Sampling w/ One Hand Adapter
    GV-110-S | Gastec Complete Gas Sampling Pump w/ Stroke Counter
  • GV-110-SOHA | Gastec Complete Gas Sampling Pump w/ Stroke Counter & One Hand Adapter

GasTec Detector Tube Pump

Feature Comparison

Lifetime Warranty X X
Pre-Calibrated X X
50ml & 100 ml Strokes X X
Flow Finish Indicator X X
Accessory Kit X X
Gastec Detector Tube Handbook X X
Carrying Case w/ Adjustable Strap X X
Strokes Counter X

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