Accuro pump for Dräger

Accuro pump for Dräger

6400000 Dräger Accuro manual pump with TO7000 tube opening device

The Drager Accuro Gas Detection Pump is ideal for on-the-spot measurements and works with many short-term detection tubes.


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Drager Gas Detection Pump (Accuro)

The Accuro Gas Detection Pump from Drager Safety works in combination with short-term detection tubes to take gas measurements under extreme conditions. 

The pump works manually and does not require the use of a power supply.  This also provides the advantage of being able to be used in potentially explosive areas, depending on which tubes it is used with.

The Drager Accuro acts as a bellows pump and when pressed together completely counts as ‘one stroke’.  When it is released the air is drawn automatically and the gas sample to be measured is sucked through the tube being used. Measurements depend on the number of strokes required which will be indicated on the specific gas detection tube.

View the full range of Drager Short-Term Gas Detection tubes here.


  • One-hand operation
  • Makes reliable measurements
  • Suitable for taking measurements in difficult to reach areas
  • Robust unit
  • Inbuilt stroke counter

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